Monday, July 15, 2013

Celebration of Richard's Life and Work

At the Cooper Union
Houghton Gallery - 2nd Floor 
Sunday, October 20, 2013  3:00 - 5:00 pm

Reception in the Sculpture Shop (4th Floor) to follow
(There will be hotdogs. Plaid shirt optional)

The Ballad of Richard Knox by Vito Cannella

There's a light in the shop and the doors are locked
it's Richard Knox at the old toolbox
and Richie's building rockets and satellites
with wheels and sprockets and working lights
and you know he's gonna ride them into the starry night.

There's a light in the shop and an old toolbox
with motors and gears and wires and chains
and guns with cranks and cannons and flames
and trucks and tanks and ships and planes
and you know he's gonna ride them to the edge of space
and you're always gonna find him in that magical place
in the middle of the shop - at the old toolbox.


A Memorial Mass was held on Monday July 22, 2013 at 11 AM at St. Louis Church, 64 South Main Street, Pittsford.

This slideshow was created by Richard's niece, JuJu, as part of the service.


 Rich and his Mom Bette 2011

My Uncle Rich and I - Christmas 2003 helping me put batteries in my new toy. 
Love You Always! -Juju

Hard At Work

Fixing the Clock on the Foundation Building
(From Richard's Family)

 Foundry - Kyle's Lesson

 Loading in the New Brake with Kevin

Bending Steel with Kylie, Kevin & Audrey

Giant Hot Dog with Bailey & Jason

Made by Richard

Rich's Sculpture Wonderland. Luv, Andy
(photo: John H. Busch)

Our M will always know of you. Thank you for your beautiful gift for her 1st. 
(Richard's legendary maple block set for Kathryn Han's daughter)

 RJK Custom Audio Amplifier

 .... and sure enough, another one of Richard's favorite pastimes.
Rich's Cannon (photos: Daniele Frazier)

Original R. Knox sketches for projects he helped me figure out.
Couldn't do it without you. Thanks, Einat

Hello to Richard's family and friends. I am so sad to hear about Richard.  I was a student at Cooper with Richard (and Kelly and David etc.). I have so many fond memories. Thanksgiving at Richard's apartment.  He made two turkeys in foil tins!

I own one of his Monaphones, and I believe it still works! I will treasure it even more now.
Greetings to all the old Cooperites! 
- Paula Payne

Richard once helped me blow up a failure of a sculpture - I mean he actually provided and advised the M80 explosion of the thing. What fun. A couple years after graduating I brought Richard a garlic scape flower. The next time I saw him, he presented me with this lost wax cast. The plant veins are perfectly delineated along it's delicate papery sheathe, all is intact.
 A perfect cast, thank you Richard - Molly Welch

From RNOX.NET....

ARK (1993) - wood, bronze (10 x 13 x 82")

BEEBE & BARTON (1995) - brass, lead, lightbulb (3" x 3½" x 159')

ICE (1994) - wood, brass, steel (27½ x 45 x 18" - 27½ x 27 x 18" )

PUMPS (1993) - aluminum, stainless steel, motors (4 x 8½ x 2½")

SLEEK STREAK (1998) - bronze, steel, rubber (5 x 13 x 12")

 VOSKHOD 2 (1996) - wood, bronze, steel (19 x 13 x 9")

Hanging Out in the Sculpture Shop

With Fellow Technicians - Betsy, Trenton, Kevin & Frank

Staff Lunch

Birthday Iced Coffee from Kylie

Come & Get It!

 Shrimp Boil - Thanks Ersy!

 Shop Party with Julie Ann

 Shop Party with Elizabeth O'Donnell

Shop Party with Kylie 

 Shop Party with Dave
(photo: Gearoid Dolan)

Shop Party with Betsy
(photo: Gearoid Dolan)

Shop Party with Frank
(photo: Gearoid Dolan) 

 Shop Party with Kielbasa & Corn
(photo: Gearoid Dolan)
Richard and Richard - Roasting Pigs, Laughing 1994
(from Richard Lomuto)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Earlier Times

 Richard in his Cardboard Submarine

In memory of our friend artist Richard Knox. We love you. 
(photo: MaryAnn Kuchera)

In 1984, Richard and I traveled around Mexico. Here are some pictures. I knew Richard well and totally love him. I saw him frequently this past year, when he needed my help…but he’ll forever be, in my mind, the sweet friend who steadfastly and devotedly helped me in the long, convoluted process of growing up. 
Love, Kelly
 Salto de Eyipantla
San Cristobal de las Casas

In high school Knox and I were members of the "Back Table" (located in the art room).
Here we are in Downtown Rochester & on frozen Lake Ontario.
Nicky, Knox (A'84), Kathleen (A'83) and Lou.
(from Kathleen Kuchera, photo: Bill Ribas)

 From around 1994. heavy heart. (from Kora Manheimer)

Audubon Zoo with Carla, Ersy, Adriana

With Ersy & Adriana

Standing in the Rain

Nothing On TV

 River in Louisiana (photo: Reuben Cox)

 With Ersy in front of Cooper (photo: Reuben Cox)

With Ersy & Crisis  (photo: Reuben Cox)