Sunday, July 14, 2013

Earlier Times

 Richard in his Cardboard Submarine

In memory of our friend artist Richard Knox. We love you. 
(photo: MaryAnn Kuchera)

In 1984, Richard and I traveled around Mexico. Here are some pictures. I knew Richard well and totally love him. I saw him frequently this past year, when he needed my help…but he’ll forever be, in my mind, the sweet friend who steadfastly and devotedly helped me in the long, convoluted process of growing up. 
Love, Kelly
 Salto de Eyipantla
San Cristobal de las Casas

In high school Knox and I were members of the "Back Table" (located in the art room).
Here we are in Downtown Rochester & on frozen Lake Ontario.
Nicky, Knox (A'84), Kathleen (A'83) and Lou.
(from Kathleen Kuchera, photo: Bill Ribas)

 From around 1994. heavy heart. (from Kora Manheimer)

Audubon Zoo with Carla, Ersy, Adriana

With Ersy & Adriana

Standing in the Rain

Nothing On TV

 River in Louisiana (photo: Reuben Cox)

 With Ersy in front of Cooper (photo: Reuben Cox)

With Ersy & Crisis  (photo: Reuben Cox)

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