Monday, July 15, 2013

Made by Richard

Rich's Sculpture Wonderland. Luv, Andy
(photo: John H. Busch)

Our M will always know of you. Thank you for your beautiful gift for her 1st. 
(Richard's legendary maple block set for Kathryn Han's daughter)

 RJK Custom Audio Amplifier

 .... and sure enough, another one of Richard's favorite pastimes.
Rich's Cannon (photos: Daniele Frazier)

Original R. Knox sketches for projects he helped me figure out.
Couldn't do it without you. Thanks, Einat

Hello to Richard's family and friends. I am so sad to hear about Richard.  I was a student at Cooper with Richard (and Kelly and David etc.). I have so many fond memories. Thanksgiving at Richard's apartment.  He made two turkeys in foil tins!

I own one of his Monaphones, and I believe it still works! I will treasure it even more now.
Greetings to all the old Cooperites! 
- Paula Payne

Richard once helped me blow up a failure of a sculpture - I mean he actually provided and advised the M80 explosion of the thing. What fun. A couple years after graduating I brought Richard a garlic scape flower. The next time I saw him, he presented me with this lost wax cast. The plant veins are perfectly delineated along it's delicate papery sheathe, all is intact.
 A perfect cast, thank you Richard - Molly Welch

From RNOX.NET....

ARK (1993) - wood, bronze (10 x 13 x 82")

BEEBE & BARTON (1995) - brass, lead, lightbulb (3" x 3½" x 159')

ICE (1994) - wood, brass, steel (27½ x 45 x 18" - 27½ x 27 x 18" )

PUMPS (1993) - aluminum, stainless steel, motors (4 x 8½ x 2½")

SLEEK STREAK (1998) - bronze, steel, rubber (5 x 13 x 12")

 VOSKHOD 2 (1996) - wood, bronze, steel (19 x 13 x 9")

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